Tom Ashworth

April 17, 2018 Update

Texas Blue Bonnets I have been working hard on the Pool, Prospecting, Treasure and Real Estate sites to improve their ranking and content.  It is taking me a lot longer than I anticipated because I have been busy this spring in Real Estate.  But I have added some content and will be adding more soon.


I have a big pool tournament at the 2018 NAPA SOUL CITY CHAMPIONSHIPS on April 20-22, 2918.  I hope to do well in this tournament as I could use the money, but it is hard to play well with my recent Ostomy surgery.  I have to wear a Colostomy bag all the time, so that gTexs in my way.  I also can’t lift anything over 10lbs., due to risk of a hernia, but I will give it my all.

As far as articles and videos, I have added a video and article to the webpage on the Predator Uni-Loc Weight Bolt Kit and Predator BK3 Break Cue, so be sure and check that out.  I am also working on building a Pool Forum page.


On the prospecting pages I have started working on a new design for the “Where to find Gold” pages.  When I have completed this, I hope you like it.  I am trying to make an interactive map, like I did for this page ->  If you have any suggestions let me know how I can improve this.

Treasure Hunting

On the Treasure Hunting page I have not done much, but hoping to add more real soon!

Real Estate

The Real Estate Page is coming along nicely.  I have added video about how we can save you thousands of dollars selling your home buy using the Smart Fee.  I have worked on adding more blogs and content, so be sure to check out the Real Estate Page.  I will be updating you soon!

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