Annual Homeowner’s Advisory

Annual Homeowners Advisory

Annual Homeowners Advisory

Just like you shouldn’t skip your annual check-up with your physician – it is also important to do an annual homeowner’s advisory. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving or not, it’s always nice to know what your Burnet Texas Real Estate that is near your home is selling for.  Annual homeowner’s advisory also details the number of homes that have sold in the area, how much inventory is available, and how long these homes were on the market.

Mortgage rates are raising and this could be your last chance to lower your monthly housing costs by refinancing. Give me a call and we can analyze your refinancing and the monthly savings it can bring you.

Another option would be to continue your paying higher mortgage payments in order to get the mortgage paid off more quickly and own your home. This option lessens the time of short-term fixed mortgage rates and builds equity more quickly. I can also quickly calculate and tell you how much you would need to pay in order to pay your mortgage off by a certain date over a simple phone call.

Please contact me with questions or information on any of the following:

  • Burnet Texas Real Estate properties sold and available
  • Burnet Real Estate Refinancing analysis
  • Burnet Rate estimate with specific end date
  • Burnet Texas Repair and service contractor connections
  • Burnet Texas Rental property information.

Call Tom Ashworth at (208) 830-7991 he is here to help you with any of your Burnet Texas Real Estate needs.

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