Act fast or lose the opportunity

Act fast or lose the opportunity

Interest rates today are lower than at any time in recent memory, this provides a great opportunity to borrow at low rates, however the current states of affairs are only temporary and it may be in your best interest to act quickly when it comes to home ownership.

Consider this; according to a report published by Zillow in which a nationwide study was conducted, it was found that home values may increase by as much as 4.5% by the end of the year. When you read the report along with the Freddie Mac forecast that interest rates will be up, you realize that now is the best time to buy and any delay will only increase your prices and mortgage rates.

To give you an illustration, a $250,000 purchase today with a FHA mortgage will cost you $191.87 less per month than the same purchase with projected higher interest rates at the end of the year. Therefore the same home purchase will rack up a considerable higher tab if you wait for a better deal.

The best time to purchase a home is now and Texas Hill Country  provides some excellent homes at amazing prices, the market is even better in Burnet, Texas. Also due to the drought in the region the Texas Highland Lake waterfront property is selling at a high discount compare to its prices just 5 years ago. Lake Buchanan offers some amazing deals for buyers right now due to the drought.

So you need to act fast or you will lose this opportunity to buy homes at amazing prices. To get more information and professional help to get your dream home at dream rates contact me at (208)830-7991. Hurry up! Or you might miss the opportunity to own a great home, act fast or regret later.

If you are interested in Real Estate in the Texas Hill Country, please feel free to contact Tom Ashworth (208)830-7991.


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