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Gold Prospector, Treasure Hunter, Pool Player

Tom Ashworth
Tom Ashworth

Tom (founder of Tom Ashworth’s Prospectors Cache) was born in Birmingham, Alabama.  He started prospecting for gold in 1978 using a home-built wooden sluice box and a gold pan.  He didn’t know much about mining back then but had a lot of fun and caught a bad case of “GOLD FEVER.” So in 1982, Tom started dredging with a 3″ Keene gold dredge on the Gunnison River in Gunnison, Colorado.  That dredge was used for years in some of Colorado’s and California’s best prospecting areas.

Tom also dredged or prospected for gold in the following states; Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Maine, New Hampshire, Nevada, New Mexico, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Vermont, and Washington.

Tom’s motivation for this site was to try and help others so that they would enjoy prospecting.  I share his feeling that if we get people involved in our hobby, it may have a chance of survival.  After dredging for gold with his wife, Debra, at least three days a week in Oregon and California during May, June, July, August, and September over many years,  Tom has slowed down a bit now that he is getting older.  However, he still loves to share his knowledge with others and help them enjoy his hobbies as much as he does.


Tom lives in Burnet, Texas, with his wife Debra and his dog.   He plays in local pool tournaments frequently.  In addition, he enjoys metal detecting and gold prospecting in the Texas Hill Country.

Tom’s Other Hobbies

Tom Ashworth Metal Detecting South Padre Island
Tom Ashworth Metal Detecting South Padre Island

Tom also enjoys playing pool, diving for treasure, and treasure hunting.  He is proud to have found 1530’s Spanish Reales, Gold Nuggets, and many old coins and relics while metal detecting.   As far as pool playing, Tom plays in many states and local and national events and often does well.





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