Tom Ashworth

7 Point Home Marketing Plan

Get out of the Rent RaceThis is my suggested home marketing plan which I will be glad to follow if you use our Smart Fee or Standard Fee programs. I will be willing to do as much as stated or whatever you feel is appropriate on this list.


    1. I will come to your home and thoroughly check your home and look for upgrades, improvements and special features to help marketing.
    2. Then I determine the Fair Market Value (FMV) of your property by doing a detailed written comparable home market analysis.
    3. Provide an estimate of the selling expenses to give you an idea about net proceeds. Even though this is an estimate, I use this as a goal to get you this amount.
    4. Write up a listing agreement, which is a contract that authorizes Smart Path and me to market your property.

    1. I will give you a written home improvement proposal and we can talk about your budget. Sometimes you can spend as little as $1000 and get back $30,000 more in the price of your home.
    2. Recommend repairs, improvements and chores that will sell your property for the highest price.
    3. If you do not live in the home, I can schedule, supervise and manage the home improvement program, with your approval.
    4. As perspective buyers view your home, I will ask for feedback. Using that feedback we can adapt to what they think the strong and weak points are on your home.

    1. Add your home to Highland Lakes Association of Realtors® Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Austin Board of Realtors. This will allow your home to be seen by 1,000’s of other agents, websites and print advertising.
    2. I will get professional digital photos of your property for the MLS, Virtual Tours and Internet web sites.
    3. Install a high-security, computerized lock box to facilitate showings by other Realtors®.
    4. Display your home to our sales staff and other agents by hosting a broker open house.
    5. Promote your property by networking with Smart Path sales people and active agents from other companies.
    6. Create a custom color photo brochure outlining the key property features.
    7. If your area permits, I will install a for sale sign on your property to generate buyer calls. Some areas do not allow signs or may restrict the signs that we use.  Horseshoe Bay for instance is very restrictive.
    8. Prepare 1,000 small “listing cards” for you to distribute to your friends and business associates.
    9. Mail just listed postcards to your neighbors inviting them to the broker open house.
    10. Feature your home on the Internet including (,,, and over 50 more websites.
    11. Design a custom web site page exclusively for your home to give the best Internet presence.
    12. Produce interactive CD’s with a video tour to prospective buyers.
    13. Use the our relocation service to generate buyer interest.

    1. Send you a printed copy and a link to the MLS presentation.
    2. E-mail you links to all the Internet presentations.
    3. Visit your home weekly to check on showings and refill brochures.
    4. E-mail you direct feedback from other agents on all showings.
    5. Call or meet with you weekly to report on the activity and review market conditions.
    6. Provide regular updated written market reports showing the latest market activity.
    7. Constantly review our marketing strategy and adjust as needed to get your home sold.

    1. Carefully review and present all offers for your consideration.
    2. Qualify the prospective buyers to be sure they are able to purchase your property.
    3. Prepare a strong counter offer to create a solid transaction that will close on time with no surprises.
    4. Determine an adequate purchase deposit to solidify the transaction.

    1. Manage all the details of your real estate transaction.
    2. Open escrow and review the escrow instructions.
    3. Arrange for the property, termite and other inspections.
    4. Supervise any agreed-upon home repairs.
    5. Assist with all disclosures, including the seller’s TDS, supplemental disclosures, smoke detector, hot water heater, septic, lead paint and environmental hazard disclosures.
    6. Oversee the loan approval process to be sure your transaction closes on time.
    7. Coordinate and supervise the appraisal process to ensure the proper value.
    8. Order the preliminary title report and review the condition of title.
    9. Order the HOA documents including the CC&Rs, budgets, by-laws and minutes of board meetings.
    10. Provide updated preliminary closing statements for your review.
    11. Stay on top of all other matters to be sure your real estate transaction closes on time and is hassle-free.

    1. Arrange for your net proceeds to be wired into your bank account if needed.
    2. Review the final closing statement for accuracy.
    3. Give you a CD containing all your real estate transaction documents. This is a valuable reference for the future.

As you can see I want to help you sell your home and sell it for the most money possible.  There are many agents to choose from, but you can rest assured that I will earn every penny of my commission.  I work hard for you.

Please feel free to contact me for your FREE Comparable Home Market Analysis.

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