5 Tips to Minimize First-Time Homebuyer Stress

Being a first time homebuyer can drive your stress levels through the roof – especially if you’re doing it alone.

Young couple planning to buy a house and have happy living.

Young couple planning to buy a house and have happy living.

However with the help of Tom Ashworth your Burnet Real Estate agent, it is possible to make it through the process of buying a new home and not pulling all your hair out of your head. In order to help out, I’ve constructed a list of the top five things that you can do in order to save yourself some stress.

  1. Get Pre-Approved: Having your finances in order before jumping into the process can help you have a solid budget in order and allow you to move quickly on any offers you plan to make. Lenders will often write a pre-approval letter to sellers in order to verify that you do have appropriate funds for the purchase. This letter can be a deciding factor among sellers and final offers.
  2. Set Clear Goals: It is important to know exactly what you are looking for in a new home. Having a list of what you are looking for not only allows you to stay focused on what you want but also allows your real estate agent to know what houses to show you. If you are buying a home with a partner or spouse, make sure to consider what they are looking for as well – don’t just assume that you are both looking for the same thing. Last minute deliberations over silly things can cause potential buyers to loose the home to competing offers.
  3. Budget: Once you have established your budget it is important to realize that the entire amount of money budgeted is not for the home. There are multiple other things to consider including taxes and any repairs needed. Your real estate agent may be able to assist you in determining what your budget needs to be allocated to.
  4. Use an Agent: Finding the right real estate agent for you is an important step. Agents have the ability to see homes before they are put on the market and can help find you everything you are looking for without all of the stress. An experienced agent will also be able to help prevent you from overpaying for a home.
  5. Delegate: Once you have established a trusting relationship with your realtor, it is important to allow them to take the lead on the transactions. A realtor working for you will work on your behalf and with your best interest in mind.

Choosing a Realtor in Burnet Texas

Holding house keys on house shaped keychain in front of a new home

Buying a home will always be a stressful process – however it gets much easier when you follow these simple tips. Contact Tom Ashworth your Burnet Real Estate agent, Tom Ashworth for more tips on how to avoid stress.

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