If you have decided living in an apartment, having roommates or renting a house is no longer working for you, and then you are ready to become a first time home buyer.   The feeling you get when you own your first home is very rewarding.  Just think, you can do the landscaping, paint or other style the way you want.

The first step in buying a house is working with a realtor and a mortgage agent to determine what you can afford.

The second step takes the most planning.  It is time to decide what kind of house you want, location you want to be in and the style of the home you like.

Deciding what type of home you want depends on your situation.  Who will be living there? Just you, spouse, partner, pets, children, etc. all have to be considered.

Young couple planning to buy a house and have happy living.

Young couple planning to buy a house and have happy living.

Do you like to do yard maintenance?  If no maybe a condo would be best.

Would you like to have an income property?  Maybe a home with a studio apartment attached or a duplex would be best.

Do you like your privacy?  Then you may want a home out in the country on a few acres of land.

Do you want something newer or older can make a difference in the purchasing price of the home?  Realtor.com recently suggested that first time home buyers should consider short sales, bank owned or quick sales.   These types of home can be purchased at a value to a first time home buyer that has a larger down payment.

If you are a busy person a home that is in newer condition and doesn’t need that much maintenance is a better choice for you.

If you would like to fix up the home to your fix your tastes then a fixer upper might be the way to go for you. Always consider all options as you might be surprised what you and your Realtor will find!

Consider the resale value of your home. There is always a chance in the future that you will sale your home. You might need something bigger, smaller or maybe moving but whatever the case may be having an idea of the resale value of your first home is necessary. This is something that your Realtor will be able to assist you with by using local reports and data.

Purchasing your first home is an exciting moment in your life! Having an experienced Realtor is going to provide you support and aid while going through the process of looking and buying your first home.

Tom Ashworth has comprehensive understanding of the current real estate market the Texas Hill Country, Burnet, Highland Lakes, Marble Falls and Horseshoe Bay.

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