10 Things That Turn Off Home Buyers

Yellow Walls Can Be a Turn Off

Yellow Walls Can Be a Turn Off

Selling your Hill Country home can be difficult enough without having to figure out what a buyer is looking for. So, in order to help you out, I’ve developed a list of the top ten things that can turn buyers off from your home.

  1. Pets: Having pets is wonderful, but not always when trying to sell your home. Pet odors and hairs throughout the home can cause buyers to look for a different home. It’s also important to remember to leave your pets outside during home viewings as to not make potential buyers uncomfortable.
  2. Cigarette Smoke: Walking into a home where people smoke can be an instant turn off for potential buyers and their agents. It is extremely difficult to get the smell of cigarettes to disappear completely, which can be overwhelming and unpleasant for those who do not smoke.
  3. Scheduling: Some buyers will not even consider a home without a lockbox that allows them to visit without an appointment. Others will call to schedule an appointment, but become restless within a day or two with no return call. When selling your home it is important to make yourself and your home available to potential buyers.
  4. Converted Garages: Most potential buyers see a garage and expect just that. A converted garage can turn off buyers who are looking for a place to park their car during the colder months at least.
  5. Above-Ground Swimming Pools: While swimming can be fun, an above-ground swimming pool can make the yard look cluttered and unorganized. It may be worth considering getting rid of your above-ground swimming pool before listing your home.
  6. Photo Gallery Walls: Of course, we all like photos – BUT buyers like to imagine what the home will be for them, not what it was for you. Get rid of excessive photos throughout the house before showing it in order to avoid turning off buyers.
  7. Shared Driveways: Most buyers prefer their own driveway. Sharing with a neighbor can be a hassle and/or bothersome at certain times and in certain situations.
  8. Dated Kitchens: Buyers can be instantly turned off by out of date kitchens. Mixed brands and colors of appliances and porcelain sinks are a thing of the past – Now days buyers are looking for stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.
  9. Worn Carpets: Worn out carpets can leave a bad taste in potential buyer’s mouths. Buyers don’t usually see replacing carpet as their responsibility. You may consider replacing worn out carpets before showing the home, or offer some kind of compensation agreement for the condition of the carpet.
  10. Different or Wild Colors: Most buyers prefer neutral colors in order to add accents – rather than seeing bright and different colors in every room of the house.


Contact your real estate agent for more tips on how to keep buyers interested past the front door of your Hill Country home.

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