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Get Your Offer Accepted

Texas Hill Country Real Estate inventory is shrinking and it is now common to have multiple offers on a Texas Hill Country home. In the article I will discuss how to Get Your Offer Accepted. This is good for sellers because they are able to choose the best offer, Likewise it can be frustrating for the buyers. Here are a few tips for Texas Hill Country home buyers.

Tom Ashworth | Aug 2, 2018

Gift or Inheritance

The question of a gift or inheritance comes up often. If you want to transfer the deed or title of your home to another person, such as a family member, this could have huge tax implications.

Tom Ashworth | Aug 1, 2018

How to Cut Refinancing Expenses

Homeowners who are excited about lowering their rate have a tendency to ignore the refinancing costs because excited about the new mortgage. The main thing they are interested in is that the payment is lower then what they are currently paying.

Tom Ashworth | Jul 26, 2018

Keeping records help save taxes

A prudent homeowner always prepares for the eventual sale of his home and taxes are a big part of that. Keeping records of any capital improvement to your home is a good example of such prudence.

Tom Ashworth | Jul 12, 2018

7 Point Home Marketing Plan

This is my suggested home marketing plan which I will be glad to follow if you use our Smart Fee or Standard Fee programs. I will be willing to do as much as stated or whatever you feel is appropriate on this list.

Tom Ashworth | Jul 11, 2018

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