Tom Ashworth

April 3, 2018 Update

I hope you have had a great Easter holiday.  We had a great service at our church and several new people came to know the Lord.  I worked as video producer for Hill Country Fellowship that day and everything went great for the 1st service, but for the 2nd service I accidentally cued the wrong video.   Oh well, If that is the worst thing I ever do, I will take it.

As far as the site(s), my goal is to start getting on a schedule to add content.  Right now I am working on adding forums to the Pool, Prospecting, and Treasure sites.  After that I will be doing more video’s for the Pool site and adding content to the Prospecting and Treasure sites.   What I am finding is that it is taking me longer than usual to get this done, because the layout of the sites needs to be changed to accommodate the content that I have a vision for.

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